The Process Systems and Operations Research Laboratory at UConn conducts research on topics including modeling, simulation, and design, controls and operations, numerical methods and algorithms, and (global) optimization.  Research topics are motivated by and directly linked to timely challenges from a spectrum of industries including food, energy, water and natural resources, chemicals, finance, and healthcare.  The systems-level thinking combined with quantitative rigor enables the development of novel solutions to emerging problems.

Our research focus includes:

  • optimal design under uncertainty,
  • robust and worst-case design,
  • performance and safety verification,
  • process improvement and process intensification (enhanced sustainability),
  • process retrofit and augmentation for renewable energy,
  • rigorous model validation and discrimination,

with applications across:

  • water treatment and desalination,
  • renewable energy and power,
  • industrial process heat,
  • personalized medicine and healthcare, and
  • thermofluid systems.