Month: October 2018

PSOR Lab at AIChE 2018 Pittsburgh

The PSOR Lab will be presenting a total of seven papers at the AIChE Annual Meeting 2018 held in Pittsburgh, PA Oct 28-Nov 2.

Sunday Oct. 28
     330-6PM Software Tools and Implementation for Process Systems Engineering (Rm 410)
  1. Matthew Wilhelm: Recent Advances in the EAGO Platform: Global and Robust Optimization in Julia,
Monday Oct. 29
    10AM-1230PM UG Student Poster Session: Computing and Process Control
  1.  Connor Dion: Transport Modeling in the Tumor Microenvironment
  2.  Maxwell Tracy: Gibbs Energy Analysis of Concentrated Alkaline Nitrate Solutions with Application to Absorption Cycle Modeling
    330-5PM Interactive Session: Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis
  1. Chenyu Wang: Rigorous Parameter Estimation for Model Validation in Oncological Systems
   330-6PM World Café: Food-Energy-Water Nexus Invited Talks and Panel Discussion (Rm 317)
  1. Matthew Stuber
Tuesday Oct. 30
     8-1030AM Advances in Deterministic Global Optimization (Rm 409)
  1. Matthew Wilhelm: Quadratic Underestimators of Differentiable McCormick Relaxations for Deterministic Global Optimization
     1230-3PM Advances in Computational Methods and Numerical Analysis (Rm 410)
  1. Matthew Wilhelm: Tightening McCormick Relaxations via Reformulation of Intermediate Functions into Schema