Author: Stuber, Matthew

PSOR Lab at AIChE 2019 Orlando

The PSOR Lab will be presenting three papers at the AIChE Annual Meeting 2019 in Orlando, FL held on Nov 17-22.

Monday, Nov 11
    330-6PM Advances in Optimization: Global, Uncertainty, Surrogate & Mixed-Integer Models I
  1. Matthew Wilhelm: Reachability Bounds for Global and Robust Optimization of Parametric ODEs via Implicit Methods
Tuesday, Nov 12
    330-6PM AIChE Journal Futures: New Directions in Chemical Engineering Research (Invited Talks)
  1. Matthew Stuber: Global Optimization of Stiff Dynamical Systems
Thursday, Nov 14
    8-1030AM Design and Operations Under Uncertainty
  1. Chenyu Wang: Robust Simulation of Transient PDE Models Under Uncertainty

New Publication in AIChE Journal

Congratulations to Matt Wilhelm and former NSF REU student Anne Le (now at UMass Amherst) on the recently accepted publication in AIChE Journal.  This work develops a new approach to bounding solutions of parametric initial value problems for guaranteed global solution of dynamic optimization problems.  This article is part of the AIChE Futures Issue by invitation.