Month: November 2019

PSOR Lab at AIChE 2019 Orlando

The PSOR Lab will be presenting three papers at the AIChE Annual Meeting 2019 in Orlando, FL held on Nov 17-22.

Monday, Nov 11
    330-6PM Advances in Optimization: Global, Uncertainty, Surrogate & Mixed-Integer Models I
  1. Matthew Wilhelm: Reachability Bounds for Global and Robust Optimization of Parametric ODEs via Implicit Methods
Tuesday, Nov 12
    330-6PM AIChE Journal Futures: New Directions in Chemical Engineering Research (Invited Talks)
  1. Matthew Stuber: Global Optimization of Stiff Dynamical Systems
Thursday, Nov 14
    8-1030AM Design and Operations Under Uncertainty
  1. Chenyu Wang: Robust Simulation of Transient PDE Models Under Uncertainty